WJ Bradley Exits Mortgage Biz; TRID Training For Settlement Agents; Events


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Tiny homes are all the rage and a leading lumber company is capitalizing on this new trend, 84 Lumber has introduced its Tiny Living collection , making it the first major retailer and only large building-materials retailer to build these high in demand, small homes. The company will custom built a house, usually no bigger than 200 square foot and the price begins around $6,884. Those seeking to buy a tiny home will have three options to choose from: Build Your Own, Semi-DIY and Move-in Ready. Most tiny homes are economically and environmentally friendly, consuming less material and energy and these homes come with tandem axle trailers, so homeowners can take their home with them wherever they go. "Rob, regarding the comments in the March 12 newsletter concerning 'TRID continuing to…(read more)

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