You Thought Yesterday Was Bad For Mortgage Rates?


Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

If you thought yesterday was bad for mortgage rates , you’re probably not going to be a big fan of today either. And since today is the end of a week, we could similarly say you won’t like this week if you didn’t like the previous example. That’s been true all year so far. And hey! Those week’s add up to a month (we’ll give yesterday and today a pass and consider them to be in the first month of 2018) so we can also say if you didn’t like the last month of 2017, you’re really going to hate the first month of 2018. So what’s going on? Nothing outside the ordinary. The only problem is that “the ordinary” has involved bond market participants looking for almost every opportunity to sell bonds, thus pushing rates higher. Today’s focal point was the big jobs report in the morning. This data traditionally…(read more)

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