Zillow Saga Continues; Training and Events


Posted To: Pipeline Press

Say it ain’t so! Fannie is being bought by an Italian company?! Sure enough, Italy’s Ferrero International SA is buying U.S.-based Fannie May Confections Brands for $115 million. Ferrero already owns Nutella and Tic Tacs. Founded in 1920, Fannie May is 18 years older than housing’s Fannie, and is owned by 1-800-Flowers.com – hard to know who owns who these days. The Zillow saga continues… Does the CFPB consider co-marketing with real estate agents on Zillow a RESPA violation, as purported by this video ? An attorney weighed in saying that the video is hearsay and sensationalist, and that there is no firm evidence or written documents in circulation that regulators interpret Zillow co-marketing as a violation of RESPA. The attorney pointed out that the argument in the video…(read more)

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